Emma Hall:

Started Personal Training: 8 months

Before I started training with Caitlin, I was trying to match every extra calorie I took in with the number on a cardio machine & I was at my lowest weight. I grew up doing gymnastics and playing sports, but struggled to find my way in the gym alone. Caitlin not only helped me gain confidence in the gym, but her group fitness classes and Small Group Training, gave me a community. I honestly would not have picked up a weight or stepped into a squat rack without her pushing and guiding me. She taught me how to be strong and completely shifted my mindset about exercise. Now, instead of watching the number on the scale go down, I’m obsessed with lifting the heaviest weights that I can. Caitlin has given me confidence in the gym & fostered my love for weight training. I haven’t stepped on an elliptical in over six months & I don’t plan to anytime soon! Because of Caitlin I have gotten stronger inside and outside of the gym.



Jesica Paulson:

Personal Training: 2 years

The difference training with Caitlin has made in my workouts and attitude about working out have been great. She is constantly challenging me to create a better me! What a difference a year makes!! #transform #results


Lauren Leibel:

Personal Training: 1 1/2 years

"Committing to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is not always an easy choice. It takes a lot of work, focus, and energy. Sometimes it takes more than just you to stay on track, and that is where Caitlin has come in for me.

Caitlin and I started working out together in April 2015. From the start, she has been a positive influence for me both physically and mentally. 

Physically, my goals have been to:
- Get Stronger
- Build Endurance
- Lose Weight
- Work on overall dexterity, coordination, and balance

Mentally, my goals have been to:
- Commit to my workouts 2x's a week or more
- Be proud of my hard work in the gym
- Work on my self-image & confidence

Firstly, Caitlin always makes me her priority from the moment we begin our session(s). She develops workouts that cater to me & always makes sure to push me to my individual limit. Her extensive background in fitness & kinesiology allows her the ability to modify a workout and get creative each session.

Secondly, what sets Caitlin apart as a personal trainer is her sincerity for her clients' overall well being. She is very attentive during sessions & checks-in with me outside of the gym to make sure I am keeping up with my goals, staying proud of myself for the hard work I am putting in, and being that extra vote of confidence that we all sometimes need.

Lastly, Caitlin provides additional support outside of training sessions. She utilizes social media to provide motivation, and makes an effort to connect her clients to each other. I have made some wonderful friends through her that share similar health & fitness goals, which is not always easy to do!

Overall, I highly recommend Caitlin Akey as personal trainer for her skill set, training methods, and amazing client report."



Lauren Pantano:

Personal Training: 2 years

Why you started training: For my August Wedding

What do you like about training with Caitlin: Great results! This may seem like a simple statement, but I've never felt so strong, toned, confidant and healthy. I came to Caitlin with two goals: Look great for my wedding and strengthen my core/back as I came in with lower back problems. I was nervous my back issues would hinder our progress and my results, but Caitlin really worked to keep my back safe, while strengthening my core and getting me in peak wedding form! I have never felt as confidant as I did on my wedding day. Caitlin was flexible with my busy work/travel schedule and trains with positivity and encouragement. She's a real person that will support your healthy lifestyle initiatives. If you have a wedding or special event coming up, dedicating the time to focus on you is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. It helps you to feel your best and manage stress.

How has your mindset on your own fitness goals and body changed:  I have enjoyed becoming so much more in tune with my body and making regular workouts and clean eating part of my lifestyle. I love feeling strong and feel so much more confidant in my own toned skin! I also love that Caitlin's approach isn't all or nothing. You can still be a healthy person without living at the gym 24-7 and eating kale for every meal. She has really supported me in finding a healthy balance in my life, while still enjoying it!

Katie Gurgel:

Personal Training: 3 years

Why you started training: Increase muscle definition, Lose Weight

What do you like about training with Caitlin: Customization of our sessions (when you carry a post it note with you).  It makes me feel like you are thinking of me as an individual with individual goals.  I also like girl talk! ;)

How has your mindset on your own fitness goals and body changed:  For me fitness is not about what you weigh, but how you feel.  It takes time to create a lifestyle where fitness is a priority.

Hanna Dunsirn: 

Personal Training: 3 years

"I started Personal Training because I had no idea what to do when I went to the gym and needed some guidance. I’ve never enjoyed the gym and especially never enjoyed cardio but Caitlin has gotten me to see results which make it worth working for. She also sneaks in cardio when I don’t even know it. I am now fit for my job, lifting heavy objects and rigging photo sets- I am even stronger than the boys and they don’t like it. More importantly, I've gained confidence since working with Caitlin. I’m not afraid of the gym anymore and I’m not afraid of strength training. This past weekend I rode a 100 mile bike ride, without our training sessions and mental motivation from Caitlin, I would have never been able to do it. "

John Newton

Personal Training: 2 years

"I initially started working with Caitlin in group fitness classes and really liked her style - she genuinely read the mood of the class and adapted to the energy level of the group instead of barreling through with her own agenda. I knew that when I started looking for a trainer to work with one-on-one after a long break from the gym, Caitlin would help me rediscover my motivation and reset my fitness goals.

Beyond helping you stay dedicated to your own personal fitness, Caitlin takes the time to ensure you understand the importance of good form, targets muscles you never knew you had, and generally makes the whole process of working out a fun learning experience. She truly listens to clients, helping you avoid injuries (or avoid exacerbating old ones) while pushing the limits of what you think you can accomplish.

I can't recommend Caitlin enough; whether you are just starting out or a fitness pro, she'll help you get to where you want to go."