In 2005, when I moved to the Windy City, I began working for a premier Chicago health club. After moving into a position as a Customer Service Manager, I discovered that my passion for helping people would be best focused on fitness. In 2010, I became certified as a Group Fitness Instructor, teaching group fitness classes as well as small boot camps. In 2012, after deciding to leave my management position, I became a certified Personal Trainer. Within one year of taking this new position, I was ranked the #1 Personal Trainer in the company. My desire to work with people, my own personal love for fitness, and a hardworking attitude have all driven me to be successful with my clients and peers. I have a strong urge to always become a better version of myself, and that attitude has inspired me to continually expand my knowledge through additional certifications, seminar attendance, online courses, study groups, and continuing research.

Some may say I've been in the health and fitness industry since conception. My mother worked as an Aerobics Instructor, teaching hi/lo and step classes, throughout her entire pregnancy with me. My father was an avid runner, completing several marathons and triathlons. Being active and eating well were big priorities for my family as a whole.

As a teen, I made my way into team sports, including basketball, volleyball, and track. Playing at a competitive level, we were required to perfect our sport, strength train regularly, and follow a healthy and energy-packed diet. Hard work and dedication helped me succeed, but also left me with several aches and bruises along the way.

Two years out of high school, struggling to balance a full time work schedule and full time class schedule, I found myself overweight and unhappy. I had gone from an active, outgoing teenager to a quiet, reserved 20-something who felt insecure in my own body. In 2005, after much contemplation, I dropped everything, found a new job in Chicago and moved.



Chicago is where I truly found my love of fitness and my body! My clients always assume that, because I am a personal trainer, I’ve managed to avoid any body issues. Wrong. A big part of why I became a personal trainer is my ability to help women and men love the bodies they have. We are constantly surrounded by images and perceptions of what a perfect body looks like. These unrealistic images have made room for insecurities, unhealthy practices, and self hate. Part of building our best body is building the best mindset. How often do you want to try something, but quickly assume you can’t, without even trying? This is often the case with exercise. My goal with each client is to make them aware that they can change their bodies, their minds, and their lives. I take a unique approach to every client, not just because their exercise programs are different, but because each of us thinks differently, responds differently, and feels differently. This is what sets me apart from other trainers, and this is why my clients see long term success.



NASM Certified and Insured Personal Trainer
AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, Group Fitness Resistance Instructor
TRX Level 1 Suspension Trainer
CPR and AED Certified



Weight Loss
Muscle Enhancement
Sport-specific Training
Women's Fitness
Pre/Post Natal and Pre/Post Menopausal Fitness
Core Strength and Stabilization
High Intensity Interval Training
Small Group Training/Bootcamp